Hotels in NYC

These may be wildly out of date, price-wise, but I just wanted to put it out there. A list of relatively inexpensive Hotels in NYC.

New York Budget Hotels (The Guardian, February, 2014)

Affordable hotels (Huffington Post)
New York Hotels: 14 Cool Neighborhood Spots For Out-Of-Towners

The Jane NYC
~75 / night. Right now queen/king sized beds unavailable due to renovations.

Super lucid and surreal, filled with bizarro luxury and oversized art pieces. ~169 Nightly, These rooms are ca-razy. It is close to penn station, & central park

Hudson Hotel
The Hudson Hotel is hip — yet, some say, haunted. It is a recent addition to a string of high-concept, affordable hotels. ~107/night. Stay 2 nights or more and receive a 20% discount.

Nothing special it’s just “modern”. Closer to Times Square / Broadway / MoMA. ~127 / night.

481 dollars total (for three nights). One king platform bed with silvery quilted headboards, velour throw pillows. 180 square feet. Marilyn Monroe portrait, brightly colored accent walls, teal velvet curtains, wall-mounted Italian reading lamps, full-length mirror. Internet is not free, wah wah.

Best Western in Chinatown

Off Soho Suites
I’ve never gone here before, but they claim to be cheap. I have no idea though.