A Relative Calm,

published at 1:12am on 12/09/14

Protest up Broadway
Things were relatively calm this evening, at least for a minute, as protesters marched up the middle of Broadway against traffic. The police lead the way a few blocks ahead of the march, redirecting traffic, and follow behind with about half a dozen scooters and half a dozen vans with flashing lights, but no sirens.

This reminds me of the relationship that once existed between the NYPD and Critical Mass in NYC. It used to be that the NYPD would send a few scooters to escort the ride and keep the traffic disruptions to a minimum. They would keep the protest from stretching too long but would otherwise stay clear. That all changed right before the RNC came to town in 2004, when the NYPD decided to start rounding up as many riders as they could, sending in police in riot gear outside of St. Marks Church-in-the-Bowery.

As I’m finishing this up, a helicopter hovers overhead and I hear sirens in the distance. Somehow, I think this peace will be short-lived.

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