The sounds of silence,

published at 11:07am on 07/26/06

For the past several months they have been doing construction on the outside of my building. This is once-in-a-decade style work, and we have been told that it’ll all be worth it and that we won’t have this kind of work for quite some time to come. That is no small comfort when I wake up to the sound of grinders cutting away the brickwork on the facade outside my window.

I would now like to share this experience with you.

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At 6:31 pm on 07.26.06, kaz said,

eek – time to book it to think!

At 10:31 pm on 07.26.06, gabby said,

You can’t fool me–that’s clearly an unreleased b-side by Dashboard Confessional.

At 2:17 am on 08.16.06, sis said,

wow, you weren’t kidding. what a crappy sound to wake up to!

At 9:21 pm on 01.05.07, Katie said,

I love that you took the time to share a piece of your audible world with me. Thank you.

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