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Sunday March 17, 2002, 19:43

The following is a list of things that I did today, in no particular order1.

  1. I woke up this morning and tried to call my girlfriend. This has become an increasingly common phenomenon as when I wake up in my morning it is already her afternoon and I want to both begin my day with a happy thought and, perhaps, break up her afternoon with something similar. Unfortunately, the calling card that I have been using as of late to make sure that I do not bankrupt myself before moving to London to be with her has been failing me when calling anything other than her mobile phone which was, this morning (her afternoon), turned off (as it is much of the time).
  2. I went into the living room and rushed over to my computer in the hopes that she had emailed me for this too gives me something of a sense of glee and fills my heart with that lifting energy that comes from hearing from your girlfriend (well, not your girlfriend, but, in this situation, my girlfriend, which is to say, one's girlfriend [ or boyfriend, if that's the way you want to look at things ]) and noted that, in fact there was an email from her (my girlfriend) and it was stamped with a time that was not much before the current time and thus I sent an email off, in a tribute to today's methods of high-speed and yet not so warm and fuzzy communication methods. Moments later I received a reply telling me that she (my girlfriend) would in fact be calling me in mere moments.
  3. I read the email that had come in during the previous night.
  4. The phone rings and I answer it. A conversation ensues between my girlfriend and me. She has done the unimaginable and has actually stayed in on a Sunday, foregoing brunch to do her dishes. I congratulate her for her resolve to take care of herself and she tells me not to worry, that she will be going out this evening to get drunk. I tell her that this is allowed.
  5. We get off the phone and take our respective showers, in different countries. I have better water pressure than she does, but I can only imagine that she looks better showering than I do. Mostly because I have no desire to see me showering.
  6. I speak on the phone with my girlfriend again. We discuss my fears of the future and my insecurities. I begin to get fed up with my neediness. Consider calling myself a "pathetic little girl" but think the better of it and, instead, remember that I am about to embark on, once again, an adventure that will take me far away and will contribute to the growth of my person and my outlook on life. Also, fears of work permits and tourist visas come into play again.
  7. We get off the phone and I cook a veggie burger, with cheese, for lunch. I sit at the coffee table, proof-reading my proposal for a freelance project. I think I am also sending emails.
  8. Speak to girlfriend again. Speak until she has to go to a pub. This is the "going out" that she mentioned earlier and I wish her a good time. Feel a bit glum that I am not with her, but take solace in the fact that, soon enough, I will be.
  9. Realize that I am still hungry and decide to cook tomato soup. Chat with friends online as I eat said soup. Wait for the only friend I have in the city to come over, so we can hang out. Realize that this friend is someone with whom I reconnected only a week prior. Think, in awe, about the nature of this city, what I like to refer to as "the biggest small town in the world." Eat crackers.
  10. Friend comes over and we browse through photographs and we talk about composition and old cameras. I realize that I like the photos that I take and think about how to improve them. I tell stories about each photo and wish that I could put them on the web and then I realize that there is something about being able to handle the photos and sit with a friend on a sofa that can not be captured in a computer. Decide NOT to scan in all of the photos. Only select few, as an example of my photographic brilliance. Then I realize I don't have a scanner.
  11. Leave apartment and go for a walk. Go to a Japanese grocery that I can see from my apartment but never knew existed. Realize that it is in the same building in which my girlfriend lived before I knew her. Realize that I think about my girlfriend more than I think about anything else in my life. Smile and realize that this is how things should be right now. Purchase Pocky, for the chocolate.
  12. We go to a coffee shop and, amazingly, find a table. We (my friend with whom I re-connected last weekend) sit and talk about what we want to do, what we are going to do, and why Japan is stuck in an economy that has its foundations in the 1960s.
  13. Hand my lighter over to a man at an adjacent table. The man had, in an attempt to light another candle in the dim cafe, managed to extinguish both of them. He was successful in re-lighting one of them. The other one would not take. Sometimes they don't. He thanked me, and I felt like a hero.
  14. I suggest we leave and stop off a the bookstore where I could purchase the latest copy of a literary publication that I will read because I like it, sometimes, and not because I feel like I should be buying it because everyone else buys it (even thought that's why I bought it in the first place). Realize that I have too much paper in my life, but don't really care so much.
  15. Make eye contact with a gentleman in the bookstore. He tells me his name and I am immediately embarrassed for not remembering him as he is a man that I met six months ago at a dinner event to which I was only remotely invited in an Afghani restaurant in the wake of September 11th with whom I ended up speaking about theatre and programming. We spoke briefly about theatre and programming conferences in Germany and my moving to London (about which he seemed quite unimpressed) and then my phone rang.
  16. Spoke briefly to a drunk girlfriend whom I told I would call back.
  17. Apologized for my rudeness, continued the conversation about a theatre piece that I may, or may not, get to see while I am still in New York and parted ways with the promise of an email. Made mental note to send said email.
  18. Purchased aforementioned literary magazine on credit card so as not to have to notice the exit of bills from my wallet. Headed home.
  19. Returned home (mere blocks away) and parted company with my newly-rediscovered friend with talk of lunch plans in the near future before we both leave the country (I to London, he to Paris). Headed upstairs, called girlfriend.
  20. Spoke briefly to girlfriend who could not talk as she was still at the pub. Decided to start sending emails to people. Began speaking through the caffeine coursing through my body and sent emails to 1) a friend from high school and college 2) the gentleman I met in the bookstore 3) my friend from whom I had just parted company 4) a person I met once or twice 5) other people.
  21. Started writing a list of things that I did today, realizing that I would be writing it in chronological order, but having already chosen a title that contradicted this fact. Wrote footnote.
  22. Watched clock. Sent emails to friend in Saipan. Spoke to girlfriend again who told me that I was late to my meeting with friends at a bar. Cursed her attention to detail. Blamed my writing. Won approval.
  23. Blasted through the rest of the list of things that I did today so as to be able to leave to go to the bar where I will not drink heavily.
  24. Saved document, put on accessories, left apartment2.
  25. Answered phone. Spoke to girlfriend who was in a mini-cab returning to her home. Learned that girlfriend, in cab, was lost. Realized that this was not so surprising. Read list of things that I did today to girlfriend. Cursed time. Cursed time differences.
  26. Hung up phone with girlfriend after appending final two items to list of things that I did today and left apartment, quite late, but quite happy3.

1. Which is, of course, an out and out lie as I present these things in the absolute chronological order in which they occurred, though, if I had actually noted as such it in itself would seem a bit too heavy-handed as ordered lists of events, in general, present themselves in chronological order. Say, for example, lists of events leading up to and concluding the Second World War. It would make little sense to list these events alphabetically, except say, in some sort of dictionary defining said events, which this clearly is not.

2. This bit is, of course, speculation as it has not happened yet. But I will take artistic license, as an artist.

3. Again, with the speculation. I am a speculative fiend!

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