behind the mask

Before we start, a plug for some of my writings, compilations, and other projects.

thoughts of nothingness are randomly updated thougths and rants that I put up to remind the world and myself that I am indeed human, and that I should never lose sight of that.

another kind of me is just a collection of thoughtlets if you will. Or, more precisely, thoughts that I didn't feel warranted enough effort for any other section. But they seem to be mutation into more of an online "journal" of sorts. Highlights of the day? We'll see.

simplicity is an attempt at art which is, at the moment, failing miserably.

Finally, come and see if you've made it to the wacked up silly quotes. See what it's like to be a cs major. Or my dad. Or some of my other friends. Or my math book. Just see for yourself.

And, if you've come this far, I figured you'd like to actually see some of me, in the form of some pictures.

Ah, right, the resumes, since i can never have too many job offers.

Some say that I'm weird. They'd be right.

I'm trying to fool myself into thinking that I can be a computer science major here, and thus far, have succeeded in fooling everyone else into thinking so too. They, when given no other option, decided to hire me as a consultant in the ever strange, but always hip, sunlab. Not only that, but I was given the opportunity to warp the minds of many a student as a teaching assistant for cs4. It was great fun, and a whole lot of work, but well worth the effort.

Now, all of this computer nonsense can't possibly occupy all of my time, now can it? (okay, silly question, but it was retorical, so butt out) So, to fill all of my free time, I do lots and lots of theatre work. Since getting to school, I've worked on almost every show that's gone up at pw (and a bunch in other places too). I even did a bunch of theatre before college, if you can imagine that. And, how could I leave my computer behind in these endeavors? I can't. So I integrated it and created a really silly thing.

A page without a list? Heaven forbid. Anyway, here's mine, compiled a long time ago. If any of the links are broken, let me know, but I probably don't care.

And to nicely complement the list, here's a whole lot of friends of mine. Hardly a complete list, as I have other friends who don't have homepages, and friends who have homepages that I don't know about, or have forgotten to put up, or... ah, whatever.

And then there's the old homepage that you can look at, but it's basically the same as this one.

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