I've been influenced by many people over the years, both online and off. Actually, more off. Well, at least before I got to school and started spending every waking hour on the computer. But that's not important right now.


many i've known for years, many i've known for days. Regardless, I consider all of them my frieds. Well, most of them. Gee, I really should fix this page up. hmph.


pages that I visit a lot. These have had considerable impact on me. on how i view the world. on how i view myself. thank you all for sharing. thank you all for teaching me about the world.


and, most importantly, there's you. We can't forget about you, the reader, without whom these pages would just be more garbage on the web. i hope you've read through my story, and i hope you've gotten something out of it. a chuckle. a thought. a "oh boy... another freak!" whatever it is, let me know. you know you want to.

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