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Published on 09/11/2000

Rose Marie Straeter asks:
I have been searching for information on the internet about nipple piercings - a friend and myself have both considered getting our nipples pierced - how easy is it for others to see through clothes - we must be discreet at work - is there some jewelry or ways of wearing the piercing that hide better than others?

This is an excellent question. Now, there's nothing I love more than nipples, expcept pants, of course. Nipples are just inherenetly sexy. So, it would stand to reason that nipples with large holes punched through them would be even sexier. But, as Rose Marie points out, not everyone in the world is as tolerant of body enhancements as we would like and it is therefore important that these enhancements only be revealed to those parties would would truly appreciate them.

The first question you must ask yourself is "Where do I work?" If you find yourself getting up every morning and construction boots and and a heavy flannel shirt for your day as a lumberjack, I would not worry about your coworkers discovering your little secret. A general rule of thumb would be to check whether or not your coworkers are often staring at your chest saying "Is it cold in here or are your nipples just protruding obscenely from your chest?" If this is the case, then you should consider wearing a bra to help conceal your rings. Beyond this, a heavy sweater or shirt will also help to hide them. Important to note here is that flowy, baggy clothing will hide the ring better than tight clothing. I've been told that even a heavy sweater will show the bulge from a nipple ring if it is tight enough. If it is of great concern, you should also consider a smaller gague ring.

There is a bit of a caveat that goes along with all this which is that once your nipples get pierced you might not want to have tight clothing on them much at all, the rings making the nipples that much more sensitive and the rubbing from clothing making that even more uncomfortable. On the other hand, you might get off on that sort of thing.

Note that your situation will cause problems if you want (or need) your nipples to be pronounced beneath your clothing at all times. If this is the case, them might I suggest bodyperks, which were created for just such a situation.

I hope that this was helpful to you, and when you and your friend do get your nipples pierced, please send us pictures.

Special thanks to Ben Brown and his bionic nipples for advice in this matter. Also thanks to Noah Mewborn for the bodyperks link.

i have both my nipples pierced 16g first wrong and had to have them re pierced 12g.........it's better to go larger gauge it hurts the same painful YES but only for a second.....I know have them to a 8g and would like to have them in 6 g .I just got bigger rings for them and that streched them out but I don't know if a 6g ring would do it now, I do wait for them to heal.....several months, but having my nipples pierced are the single most erotic thing I've ever done and they look GREAT..........
Posted by jessica on 05-31-2003 17:30

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