A Relative Calm,

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Protest up Broadway
Things were relatively calm this evening, at least for a minute, as protesters marched up the middle of Broadway against traffic. The police lead the way a few blocks ahead of the march, redirecting traffic, and follow behind with about half a dozen scooters and half a dozen vans with flashing lights, but no sirens.

This reminds me of the relationship that once existed between the NYPD and Critical Mass in NYC. It used to be that the NYPD would send a few scooters to escort the ride and keep the traffic disruptions to a minimum. They would keep the protest from stretching too long but would otherwise stay clear. That all changed right before the RNC came to town in 2004, when the NYPD decided to start rounding up as many riders as they could, sending in police in riot gear outside of St. Marks Church-in-the-Bowery.

As I’m finishing this up, a helicopter hovers overhead and I hear sirens in the distance. Somehow, I think this peace will be short-lived.

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Sand in My Book Jacket,

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The book that I’m reading has sand in the front of the plastic sheath covering the book jacket. It’s from the library, and I’d heard about on public radio, went to the library website and put in a request and several weeks later, after I’d all but forgotten about it, I got a notification that the book was ready. The book is now overdue, and I’m frantically reading to get to the end, both so I can find out what happens to the story, and so I can dutifully pay my (hopefully no more than) dollar in fines.

This book went on vacation with somebody. There is sand trapped between the plastic covering that the library puts on the books to keep them tidy and the jacket itself. I can imagine the person before me, sitting on the beach, somewhere warm, maybe there’s a cocktail sitting on the table next to them, and they’re listening to the waves rolling in and out.

There are no waves here today. It’s raining, and the sound of the water outside is less rolling as it comes in and out off of the shore, and more a not-too-gentle, steady pitter patter of drops falling from the sky. The rain is coming in sideways, knocking against my window, wanting to come in.

Do you remember when library books had the names of all of the people who borrowed the book before you, stamped into the back cover? A violation of privacy, to be sure, and where, other than libraries, can you get that sort of privacy these days, but still, I miss seeing those names, feeling like I was part of a club. A club of people who touched this very book, who went on vacation, who left sand and rain drops on its cover.

The book was due back to the library yesterday, and I would really like to finish it now.

Your Face in Mine

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Removing the a PDF password on a Mac,

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I spent forever looking for how to do this tonight without having to resort to a) some shady PDF software and b) install ghostscript on my mac when I don’t have X11 installed. The following worked great:

  1. Install homebrew
  2. brew install qpdf
  3. qpdf –password=YOURPASSWORD-HERE –decrypt input.pdf output.pdf


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Happy New Year,

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Actually, 2013 was a pretty good year. I made a lot of animated GIFs, I got a new job, I became somewhat bicoastal, and I started getting regular haircuts.

Next year, I’ll write more as well.


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It’s Complicated,

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I tend to overcomplicate things.

(In fact, that previous sentence originally read “I often wonder if I’m prone to overcomplicate things,” which is an overly complicated sentence.)

I woke up early this morning. I had to be out the door by to attend an event, I’ve been trying to shift my schedule earlier, and I find that I’m a much happier person in the morning than at night. So I woke up early.

The sun was just starting to peek out from behind the horizon and the morning red was streaming through the smoke from a nearby chimney. Naturally, I grabbed my camera, stepped out into the cold, and took some photos. It is so quiet in this city in the morning and I wanted to capture that moment – the red smoke, the silent streets.

And what did I do with that moment? I made this.

I took that moment of quiet that I wanted to capture and turned it into this jerky, kitchy bastardization of the photograph that I actually wanted to make.

I like my animated GIFs – I really do. But sometimes I need to just chill my shit out a little bit.

So here’s the picture I actually should have posted this morning.

Sorry about that.


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